Liu Bo Lin and Annie Leibovitz appears in Moncler tailor-made advertising second time

Italian sports lingerie brand Moncler invited Chinese artist Liu Bo Lin and photographer Master Annie Leibovitz together to create a new autumn advertising blockbuster, which is Moncler and two master after 2017 spring and summer series of advertising after the second cooperation.

Chinese artist Liu Bo-lin has a superior talent – he can put himself into any background of their choice, it is difficult for others to find him. Many people call it “human chameleon” because he uses a variety of colors to smear on the body, and the surrounding environment into one.

The fall of advertising, Liu Bo Lin once again hidden in nature, to create another classic “stealth” works, this ad by the famous American female photographer Annie Leibovitz shooting.

In the film, Liu Bo Lin wearing a jacket and tie with the pants, “disappeared” in the Icelandic glaciers. The main colors of the screen for the gray and blue composition of the cool colors, highlighting the power of indomitable nature, expressed the spirit of Moncler advocating the natural.

Autumn advertising large show Moncler fashion urban outdoor clothing, as well as for the extreme mountaineering activities of high-performance clothing. The full size will be officially announced in August.

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