11 business tips Moncler CEO talked about

In 2003, Remo Ruffini bought him that the gene is good but the brink of bankruptcy, and as creative director and president of the post. Up to now, Moncler in the global expansion, but also developed into an annual sales of 1 billion US dollars of luxury brands, 2013 is still listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

In his early years, Remo Ruffini graduated from Boston University and began working for his father’s clothing company. In 1984, he was 21 years old, founded his own fashion brand New England. In 2002, after selling New England, he bought Moncler and started the innovation in this brand. “When Moncler was ready to sell, I shot, although it was very small, smaller than New England, but very attractive,” Remo Ruffini said.

Recently, WWD interviewed Remo Ruffini, and he talked about how he managed how to get the help of private equity funds, listed for what kind of consideration, and Moncler more attention to the wholesale channels and tourism retail channel business.

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