MONCLER tried to create Transformers down jackets

French brand MONCLER autumn and winter men and women to play the main line of the brand to play the brand innovation DNA, the famous down jacket on the performance, the appearance of fashion and then evolved, women’s mirror by the essence of men’s tailoring into the movement elements, and the use of cuffs side of the pull, removable inside, And so the details, to create a variable shape like Transformers, with warm functional fabrics, so that the presence of interpretation of the Yilin model Wu Pinxuan also laughed: “put on mad sweat, should have the effect of edema, so now (looks) thin.”

This season in addition to the use of thick wool, cashmere and other materials, but also joined the silver-cotton material, combined with metallic luster extension coating surface, to achieve a lightweight and waterproof practical properties, by creating a “moonlight trail” series filled 70 The use of straps, different materials to create a new style of splicing, “fashion Victoria” series with pleated, lace and other decorative elements, for the Neat city style to add a trace of elegance.

MONCLER, which has always focused on the original view of art, has maintained the artistic nature of the series in the autumn and winter series. Following the spring and summer series, it has worked with Jean-Philippe Delhomme, the French illustrator. The “Art Encounters Mountain” series is based on mountain and winter skiing , Through the inkjet technology to express a unique French style of large-scale printing. Color on the reference brand logo red, white, blue 3-color as the base, interspersed with the brand logo and rhyme pattern totem, “Mr. Moncler and Mrs. Moncler” series is bold use of cherry red with light pink inside and outside Layer hit color way, swept away the deep sense of the previous season, but also bring out the brand’s fearless soul.

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