Moncler’s earnings in the first season quarter reads pretty good

Singing and pouring cold water is one of the top ten European brokerage BNP Paribas. According to the fashion media bof reported that BNP Paribas recently put the company’s rating from “neutral” (neutral) to “underperform”. The company’s luxury head Luka Solca (Luca Solca) said, Moncler in the high-end coat market dominated the market may no longer exist.

Honestly, just look at the financial point of view, Moncler is still a look like a spring breeze. The company earlier this month released the results show that in 2016, Moncler sales rose 18%, and successfully among the 1 billion euros club. The first quarter earnings also showed that as of March 31, Moncler’s sales gained 16% over the same period last year, a substantial increase from 237 million euros to 276 million. However, if the impact of the exchange rate, the increase is actually 15%, compared with 20% in the fourth quarter of 2016 plunged by 10 percentage points.

Moncler Group’s chief business officer Luciano Santel or his own performance expressed a “very satisfied”, but the analyst Solka is far from Santel was optimistic, he was worried about the competition from the peer. “Moncler growth at least in the medium term may slow down, because other brands are beginning to challenge their market share.”

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