MONCLER store for the first time stationed in Melbourne, Australia

The creation of originated in high altitude areas of the feathers of the royal family can be gorgeous moncler has been in the world’s major cities and the most prestigious top ski resort to build more than 190 retail network. Today, the Union can be glow moncler again to expand the retail channel, set up in Melbourne, Australia’s first brand stores, officially opened in the Australian mainland to open up a new journey.

The new store is located in the Australian luxury goods market, one of the most influential Chaston Shopping Center (Chadstone Shopping Center). Leaving the world to the scene of the ski resort, landing in Australia on the Union can be a monopoly retail journey is a crucial milestone for its major world fashion will take a key step.

“I am very excited about the opening of this new store, you can go to the Australian retail industry chain is also full of hope.” Union may gifted Moncler Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini said, “I believe that this country will be our brand The hope that by the “store shop” mode of operation, to further promote the brand both retail and wholesale vision, the use of these two sales channels to further strengthen the brand ‘s influence.

The new store sitting on the surface area of ​​nearly 200 square meters of single-storey retail space. Store interior and exterior design style harmony, white textured marble and shiny brass ingenious combination of elegant style. Two transparent floor window will be a new alliance can be gorgeous Moncler world show most vividly in front of the world, simple and gorgeous shop everywhere reveals the “luxury montage” style of the brand, the best interpretation of the Union can be gorgeous moncler and alpine culture Deep roots.

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