High-end clothing brand Moncler rise highly

May 6 news, the French high-end down jacket brand Moncler has announced the first quarter earnings. Data show that due to the European market (especially in the United Kingdom, France, Germany) sales increase, the company’s revenue grew 16%. It is reported that in the first quarter, Moncler’s sales reached 276.2 million euros (about 302 million US dollars), more than Thomson Reuters expected 271 million euros.

Among them, the brand’s 191 direct sales in the quarter’s revenue grew 20%. The European market lit the overall performance, but ultimately the contribution of Chinese tourists by regional market division, in Europe, Italy is the largest market Moncler, accounting for one-third of its overall revenue; in addition to Italy outside the European countries, Moncler first Quarterly sales increased 22% to 83 million euros ($ 91.16 million).

European tourism boost is Moncler sales rose a major reason. According to the company CCO Luciano Santel in the conference call, from mainland China, China Taiwan and South Korea’s tourists for Moncler’s sales made a great contribution. Therefore, Moncler plans to open 15 stores this year, has now started in some tourist cities in the airport retail store site.

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