Moncler US suffers a significant slowdown in revenue growth

Although the first quarter revenue rose 16.4% year on year to 276.2 million euros, in line with market expectations of 271 million euros, but excluding the impact of exchange rate after the 15% increase over the fourth quarter of 25% plummeted 10 percentage points, mainly because the group more than 4 The growth rate of income in Asia and ROW markets and the Americas market fell sharply, from 23% in the 2016 fiscal year to 12% in the first quarter, the group said in Asia, South Korea and mainland China Positive performance, the US retail and Canada as a whole also show good performance.

Luciano Santel, chief executive officer of Moncler SpA, refuted analysts’ comments on Asia and the US “slowdown” at a performance analyst meeting, stressing that the group was “very satisfied” with its performance, especially in the same period last year 30% and 35% of the high base. He also admitted that Hong Kong is relatively weak, but over the past few years in the local contraction of the case of Moncler still continue to grow and continue so far, Hong Kong’s current growth rate is still lower than the mainland market, the latter continued to grow momentum.

EMEA (excluding Italy) is significantly faster, growth from 1516 fiscal year 15% to 26%. Paola Durante, director of investor relations and strategic planning, said the major drivers of both the UK and Germany and France were growing, with France gaining double-digit growth thanks to a low base in the same period last year, both local and passenger Have recovered, and more than Chinese tourists, Taiwan, South Korea and even important Russian tourists have picked up.

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