MONCLER jointly work together with OFF-WHITE to create MONCLER O series

Off-White designer Virgil Abloh in 2017 spring and summer again for the Union can be gifted to create an exclusive series. The new alliance can be away from the Arctic Ocean and the daily wandering among them, and always with the most extreme ocean weather conditions tirelessly contend for the North Sea fishermen.

The new series contains two different styles but complement each other key elements: outdoor trends and street attitude. Technology fabrics and process details shine, so that each dress to perfection, such as bright PVC material, heat sealing polyurethane film, reflective hot melt fabric, with custom label zipper, with a retro diving suit has a similar design of the portable zipper head. To bright yellow silicone brand logo is particularly eye-catching, dotted in the prominent sleeves at the Union can be gorgeous Moncler text logo so that the entire series of highly recognizable.

“Poulie” pilot jacket and the front of the baseball brand with a silicone brand logo to make the whole series more plentiful. “Gangui” hooded jackets selected high-tech compressed nylon fabric, so that the overall appearance of silky as pure, other exquisite details, including decorated with PVC label adjustable belt, through the front of the zipper, Logo with Off-White designer logo sleeves, perfect fusion fashion sense and functionality. High-tech nylon fabric through Teflon special treatment, light abnormal, wide range of uses.

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